Big Rail Diversity Challenge Winners


Today (30  September 2016) a Fusion team of ten people, took part in Women in Rail’s Big Rail Diversity Challenge in Peterborough. A fun event with a serious message.

The team of 5 males and 5 females, attended the event for what would prove to be an exhilarating day of fun and challenging activities, with a serious underlying messaging to be taken away, for increased recognition and support of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Sports and such activities are often considered to be a powerful way of communicating the important principles of inclusion and diversity. As to be successful in both, individuals need to demonstrate solidarity and positive team behaviours.

As an added bonus the Fusion team also walked away with the prize for, The Railway Children – Shelter Building Charity Challenge Award. A challenge that required the team to build a shelter with very few items. A sobering exercise, that helped to capture the vision and purpose of the charity, The Railway Children. A organisation with a mission to protect and reach those who are most vulnerable and at risk.

Nissar Mohammed, project director at Fusion, commented, “This was the first year that Fusion took part in what has proved to be an energetic and important day. So to walk away with an award for me proves our team were committed to working together, in order to provide the optimum solution for the challenge ahead.

Furthermore it’s refreshing to see events like the Big Rail Diversity Challenge taking place. Proving that you can raise the profile of serious agendas but in an innovative and team spirited fashion. Our thanks go to Women in Rail and Nimble Media for hosting this event on behalf of the industry.”

Pictured Fusion team member holding The Railway Children – Shelter Building Charity Challenge Award.