Charity’s Message on Hearing Protection Gets Through

An event arranged by Fusion to help youngsters understand how to protect their hearing has been well-received by pupils and school staff.

An ‘Enterprise Day’ was put on at Aylesford School in Warwickshire recently at the request of the UK Hearing Conservation Association (UKCHA), the charity with works to preserve and promote the protection of our nation’s hearing. The day saw nearly two hundred 13-14 year old pupils (that’s Year 9 … or 3rd year seniors for older readers!) taught about sound, hearing, dangerous noise and how to protect against it.

UKHCA Director and Founder Clare Forshaw said: “It was a great day with lots of activities including highlighting the noise levels some children experience on personal music players and phones. We got a great response from them and the teachers and it is a model we feel we can now roll out to other schools.”

Clare, also of Park Health & Safety, provider of Occupational Health services to Fusion, added: “Noise and hearing is not often talked about or acknowledged, so having the opportunity to spend a few hours with these young people and seeing the penny drop when they realise the harm they can be doing and what more they can do to keep their hearing safe was just brilliant and exactly what the UKHCA is about.”