Engaging With Our Schools

Fusion’s work in Skills, Education and Employment included two recent engagements at Kingsthorpe Grove School in Northampton, and Buckinghamshire’s Winslow School.

Fusion led a ‘Hexbug Challenge’ at Kingsthorpe Grove with Year 3 pupils: explained what engineers do and gave the youngsters opportunities to experience what it is like to take part in engineering work by creating a track for mini vibrating bugs!

Becky Tranter, our SEE Manager, who was joined Apprentice Quality Advisor Daniel Blake (above left) on this effort, said: “This is the first piece of school engagement we have done in the area. Following on from this workshop, we’re now looking at further ecology and archaeology workshops with them.”

Our SEE efforts also saw a quartet of Fusion colleagues spend two days at Winslow School in Buckinghamshire, cleaning its pond and doing general garden maintenance.

Colleagues Pat Howard, Jonathan Stanforth, Sue Hook and Horatiu Blajan were joined by teacher Jo Partridge, plus a number of pupils and their parents.

The school is keen to encourage outdoor learning, and Fusion is enabling this by helping to make the school grounds a safer learning environment, as shown above on the right.

Fusion isn’t done with Winslow School either: This is just a part of a bigger piece of work, which will include more volunteer days and two bird activity days next month.

These activities fall with Fusion’s SEE Strategy, which incorporates school engagement, recruiting apprentices, supporting the National Colleges, creating work experience placements and tackling joblessness.