Fusion Colleagues’ “Kindness and Compassion” Acknowledged

The “kindness and compassion” of two members of Fusion’s security team has been
acknowledged by senior colleagues at Fusion and HS2.

Mahmoud Khan and Agnieszka Chlewicka quickly intervened after seeing an
elderly man* fall forward on his face in the middle of Harvil Road, near Denham in
the Colne Valley during heavy rainfall recently.

Agnieszka rushed to attend to him, and guided by her first aid training, moved him to
the vehicle she and Mahmoud were in, which Mahmoud moved to the roadside and
used cones and indicators to ensure they were visible to other motorists.

The colleagues changed the pedestrian’s bandages three times to stem his heavy
bleeding while assessing his condition. They waited another hour with him until the
ambulance arrived, and informed the emergency services of his name, date of birth,
relevant personal details and how he sustained the injuries.

The latest indication is that the man, who is now 84 years old, has made a full
recovery from his injuries.

Nina Roberts, Fusion’s Health & Safety Manager, commented: “It is encouraging to
see another demonstration of the priority we place on health, safety and well-being,
also on being a good neighbour, in action.”

“Please give thanks from everyone here to the two security operatives,” said Gillian
Bowman, HS2’s Health and Safety Manager (Phase One). “Their kindness and
compassion has not gone unnoticed.”

Greg Sugden, HS2’s Senior Project Manager (Phase One, Area Central), added:
“What an excellent intervention. Thank you all.”

Mahmoud and Agnieszka were presented with gift vouchers to acknowledge their
intervention by Fusion’s C1 Sector Lead Neil Stevenson.

* The man cannot be named here for confidentiality reasons.