School Engagement Success in Hertfordshire

Collaboration, teamwork and positive school engagement were the themes of the third day Fusion colleagues spent with year 5 and 6 children at Maple Cross School, in Hertfordshire last week.

Fusion’s ecology subcontractor Ecosulis supported the children as they cleared outdoor space, gathered wood and then build a hibernacula where small animals could live. Help was given to Year 6 girls to make improvements to the school pond (pictured above) to encourage more amphibian visitors.

The contribution of Ecosulis’ Neil Melleney was marked out for praise by Nicky Haigh, Fuson’s Interface Manager: “He sourced various plant species and his team worked with the children to clear the pond and then plant some, explaining why each was important for the environment. He also went to the trouble to make sure each of the children had some seeds to plant a wild meadow area to take home and information sheets about the plants and how to ensure they thrive.”

The School took to social media to express its happiness with the work done!

“Mr Watson, the teacher who was with us for the day, was really appreciative,” Nicky continued. “The headteacher Mrs Trickett was too. This positive engagement will hopefully be well received by parents too and that they will come to understand the work that is being done to ensure that the project has benefits beyond the construction of the HS2 line. “This is the third positive day that we have had at the School. Last year we arranged for eight lovely benches to be donated. Then earlier this spring, Becky (Tranter, Skills, Education & Employment Manager) created a green spaces growing wall, which was looking fantastic in the sunshine on the day!”