Staff get onboard at Fusion

Fusion has launched its pioneering onboarding programme BeHighSpeed.

The programme, delivered online as an e-learning solution is made up of nine topics. Providing users with the opportunity to learn more about Fusion’s project aspirations and delivering a legacy. Particularly around those subject matters of diversity and inclusion, community engagement and investment and skills, education and employment. Subjects that will prove to be enablers, in order to spark industry change.

Each of the nine modules included are tailored to HS2’s seven strategic objectives. Offering clearly defined learning objectives and multiple choice questionnaires, whereby users can test their learning at the end of each module.

Early feedback has been positive, receiving comments such as ‘great informative training’ and ‘one of the best inductions I have participated in,’ testament to the programmes, content and design.

Louise Townsend, Head of Socio-Economic Impact at Fusion, commented; “With the support of our parent companies, and those who participated within the pilot schemes we are delighted with the final version of the programme.

“Our client has some ambitious objectives in place and this combined with the acute skills shortage, means we need to deliver differently. Through our BeHighSpeed onboarding programme everyone is provided with the same learning, so we may collectively think about things differently, challenge and positively deliver change.

“Significantly the industry embarked on a similar learning with the arrival of health and safety legislation in the seventies, which is now firmly embedded within industry practise. We hope to see diversity and inclusion, follow the same path, and the Fusion onboarding programme will be one of many start up initiatives that help to drive awareness, understanding and change.”

Additional features to the programme, include the opportunity to participate in Fusion’s diversity monitoring questionnaire, an unconscious bias exercise and a feedback survey.

Moving forward, all new to Fusion, will be registered to complete the programme, with a version for supply chain to be rolled out in the coming weeks.