Our vision and our role is – Connecting people.

We connect people, with like-minded skilled professionals, through opportunities in employment, upskilling, or business partnerships.

We connect business and communities, to opportunities associated with the project. Through either supply chain opportunities or skills, education and employment opportunities.

We connect cities, through our work on HS2, we are working to deliver HS2’s vision, a catalyst for growth, connecting the two cities Birmingham and London.




We empower leaders at every level to positively influence behaviours and outcomes.



We know that people’s safety, health and wellbeing is paramount, and we speak up when we see something that isn’t safe.



We treat people how they want to be treated, because we value diversity and recognise that people have different needs and preferences.



We deliver on our promises and have the moral courage to do not what is popular but what is right.



We recognise that we can achieve more by working openly in diverse teams than we can alone.



We believe there is a better way of doing everything, and strive to find it.


Fusion is managed by an outstanding leadership team drawn from the three partners. This collaborative team, based in Birmingham, offers a range of a wealth of complementary experience in design, construction and operations on high-profile projects, plus skills in engagement, communications and finance.

The management team has delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of the joint venture – ensuring Fusion can act with agility, and in the sole interests of the joint venture. We have a highly experienced and multi-disciplinary joint venture board in place that provides further guidance and support to the management team.

Creating a collaborative community

Our Fusion values: leadership, safety, respect, integrity, innovation and collaboration are central to the way we work. For us, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, it guides the behaviors and attitudes of our people, and the culture of our joint venture. It enables us to share ideas, work with the best in their respective fields, and build a richer shared legacy for our industry.

The investment over the coming decades marks a momentous time for transport in the UK. It is indeed a time for pioneering ideas and solutions, positively changing our industry’s approach towards procurement, attraction, recruitment and retention - creating a shared legacy that we can all build and work towards.

We want to work with companies and people that reflect these values and who look to deliver above and beyond initial requirements.

By creating a collaborative community with our stakeholders, we intend to reach out across the sector and whole heartedly adopt an inclusive approach. Helping and supporting our stakeholders, to ensure that they are on board as we embark on this journey together.