Our approach to the delivery of major infrastructure projects is outcomes focused. Before planning how we do something, we carefully consider why we are doing it. Maximising social, economic and environmental benefits for our customers and end users is a top priority and we challenge tradition to ensure this happens. In simple terms, not only do we procure responsibly, we construct safely, employing as many local people to do this as we can.

We use local suppliers wherever possible, reducing waste and embodied carbon along the way, taking care of indigenous species and encouraging biodiversity to offset the impacts. We do all of this whilst minimising disruption to the local community and then, when it’s complete, we celebrate with the community when the job goes well. We like to be proud of the positive change we make to peoples’ lives.

Nurturing talent

Fusion creates opportunities for people – including great opportunities within our business. We have vast experience in applying our spend into areas that need it the most, training our people into the industry at all levels, providing new careers for the unemployed, helping those with disadvantages to access opportunity in the industry, enhancing the environments where we all live and work and reducing the country’s carbon footprint. By connecting communities through investment in the country’s infrastructure, we can help make the UK a fairer, more balanced place to live.